January 29, 2012

My First Advertisment

Not always in your best interest...
I started this site to keep friends and family updated, get ideas about vehicle dwelling, and to be a resource for those who might be considering the lifestyle. A few months after this blog was started I began getting offers from advertisers: let us post on your site and we will give you “X” number of dollars. Maybe if they had wanted to advertise camping gear or even kitchen appliances I would have been more willing to hear them out, but they wanted to post things like “Reduce your credit card debt by 70% with our ten step program!” or “make $10k a week from home!”

As far as I am concerned these are borderline scams preying on desperate people in a time of economic hardship. Many people come to this site because they are trying to just get by or because they have lost something and been forced to cut back. I think it would be a betrayal for me to post the kinds of ads that have been presented to me, so all you trollers out there; don’t email me unless you have a product that might actually be beneficial to someone.

I guess I’m explaining my views on ad space because I was recently contacted by a company that I do approve of and the Tuckerbag will be featuring its first advertisement. They are a free site and I’m not getting money from them because I was really impressed and think that you guys might get some use out of it. This is their background:

Icantpaymybill.com was founded as a resource for consumers who may are unable to make bill payments on time. We realized that many companies have debt payment procedures in place that are never fully explained on corporate websites or in official literature, and we believe it is important for individuals in debt to understand that they do have options. We contact every institution that we profile to ask them how they work with their customers who are behind on payments. We also aim to provide an open forum for people who have fallen into debt. Our readers can discuss what real-life bill management strategies worked for them, and what didn’t. Even with sound planning, sometimes debt happens. Icantpaymybill.com can help.

So it’s a cool site to check out if you’re having trouble with student loans, electric bills, auto loans or whatever. They kind of break down your options by company so debt isn’t quite so overwhelming. 

Readers: Feedback is welcome. 
Advertisers: don't take this as an open invitation

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  1. Cool! I thought you were going to say that you designed the lard advertisement I saw in the Collegian the other day and I was going to exclaim that I loved it so much I wanted to send it as a postcard, but this is cool, too.


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