January 18, 2012


It's pretty rare that I voice political opinions on this site, but you may have noticed that The Tuckerbag went black today in protest of the internet censorship bills before congress. This is a very important issue that I think everyone needs to be informed about. Click here to get some info and click here to sign the petition.

This all about being an informed citizen in the information age so do some research, decide if this is what you want, then tell congress.


  1. I am glad you mentioned that I thought you got hacked...or maybe I got hacked. LOL Didn't realize that was going until van shopping on Craigslist, they are protesting too. Pretty soon we are not going to be a free state. Thats what it feels like. Soon they will cameras watching every house. Im not paranoid it just seems that way(them watching us)

  2. I signed the petition. Any time we have the government wanting to get involved in censoring information, it scares me. I feel our leaders are corrupt and many/most politicians are motivated by greed and other vices. Once that door is open to censorship, what is next? If the government doesn't like how a person lives - such as in a van - will they just block your website? It's scary.

    I think their are sufficient safe guards and remedies to punish copywritten material. They need to strengthen and enforce what we have. What is next, to ban the library because someone photocopies an article form a book?


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