January 31, 2012

February Resolution

My resolution for the month of February is to write more often, even if there isn't a whole lot going on. Annual resolutions never seem to stick so I'm thinking that maybe if I take this one month at a time I'll have better luck... anyway:

I took the writing portion of my Praxis test this morning. For any teachers out there I'm sure you can agree that the whole test thing is stressful enough but add a couple little old ladies with metal detectors into the mix and it turns into Candid Camera. They are serious about cheaters at this testing center and make you empty your pockets, get photographed and even write out (DO NOT PRINT) the agreement form. The hand held metal detector was an added bonus and made me wonder what these nice ladies would do if I had a cell phone tucked into my brazier. Would they bounce me out? I think I could take them but the shorter one looked like a biter...

So one test down and three more to go. When I got back to the office I broke down and ordered a new Kindle cover (you may remember that I LOVE my Kindle and bought it after David talked about ereaders on his blog). I also ordered the trial version of the New Yorker (1 month free, $6.99/ month after that).

Yup, that's my day. Keep on keepin' on.


  1. Hey Ash !

    Checkout the NEW "Fire" Kindle that`s out now.
    Cool !

  2. I love the New Yorker and get my friends copy when they are done with it. There is always something interesting to read!

    Patiently waiting to hear about your NOLA results!

  3. I think I could take them but the shorter one looked like a biter...

    I love it. Made me laugh and I need that.


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