January 26, 2012

New Orleans Trip Part II

8 beds per room
Hey ladies and gents! So sorry it's taken me this long to give you guys the full New Orleans scoop, but here it is!

When last we spoke I had recently woken up in New Orleans after my first plane trip and the shock of 70 degree weather in January that only a northerner can appreciate. The plan for my day (Friday) was to lounge around reading trashy romance novels and my only physical exertion would be removing the umbrella from my cocktail. Unfortunately (or not) that was not really how the day went.

I got the top bunk
First of all, I stayed at the Marquett House, an unassuming little hostile in the garden district that boasted both a pool and internet access. I'm not sure why I believed that but for $16 a night I was willing to take the risk. Within a few minutes of waking up I decided that they either hid the pool or it was reserved for private room guests. As for internet access I was told to try Igor's bar/laundromat down the street. I of course got my stuff together and went to see what kind of bar was open at 9am on Friday morning. Turns out they all are and I sat next to a jogger who stopped in for a shot of whiskey before her last mile. Dominic the bartender made a nice cup of coffee (with Kaluha) but they didn't have internet access, so off I went.

How do you know when you're an internet addict? Is it after the first mile? The second? I walked all the way down St. Charles from Igor's to Tulane University before admitting that these were extreme lengths even for me. The walk was beautiful through all the old houses with their perfect southern front porches. Everything smelled like flowers and when a man passed on the side walk he would say "good morning mam" and stand aside like I needed the whole three feet of asphalt to comfortably pass him. By the time I got to Loyola University (right next to Tulane) I was getting tired and my feet were hurting so I went into one of their buildings. Turns out it was the music wing and I sat in the hallway listening to students practicing violin and cello. Aster a while I ventured back out and found that I was right across from Audubon Park, a really beautiful place that was a highlight of the trip.

Instead of walking back to the hostel, I payed $3 for the full day trolley pass and rode it all the way into the french quarter and back. Turns out there was a Burger King about 50 feet from Igor's that had internet access so I through that blog post up and headed aback to the hostel with a bottle of wine for some much needed rest and recuperation.
Woldenberg Riverfront Park

My interview was going to be at Lafayette Academy about five miles from the hostel so I got up around 5am, caught the trolley to the end of the line (which was closer than expected due to maintenance work), and walked the rest of the way. One interview is very much like another but this was a full day long with 100 other candidates, so I was pretty exhausted by 4pm. Because my plane was leaving at 6am I decided it would be a waste of money to stay at the hostel on Saturday night. Instead I meandered around the city, riding the trolley's around the river front and Canal Street, watched the ferry, got some coffee and pastry at La Madeleine's french cafe. Eventually I called a cab and went grudgingly to the airport. I was tired by the time I made my way home but by Sunday night I had been awake for almost 42 hours and I slept happily in my little car despite the 10 degree temps.


  1. My roommate and I are talking about going to New Orleans sometime at the beginning of March...this post has made me super excited! I've heard some not-so-nice things about it, but my positivity is on the up!


  2. I was starting to think the big city ate you up, glad your safely at home. I was a little worried.

  3. Good to see you online again!

    It sounds like you got a workout in by just looking for Internet access. Glad you're back safely. Thanks for posting cool pics of the visit! New Orleans is such a beautiful place.



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