January 5, 2012

Slab City On CBS

A reader sent me this CBS new story a few days back. I know a bunch of you have been to the slabs at one point or another and a few have lived there. Everyone seems to have a different opinion about the place but it's interesting that they are becoming so popular that the main stream media is covering them.


  1. I arrived there 1 day after that story broke to visit a friend. My friend has been living there for a while now and had some interesting stuff to report about Vince. He's working the system and everyone he can to keep himself & his family living off the tit of human kindness.

    The place at large would rather the media leave them alone. In speaking with many of them I learned how sick they are of the media as well as college students coming out to film and question them about how "their" society functions.

  2. YO, who told you about this first?!?! ME.

  3. I need to add this ...

    What I first write came off sounding a bit angry and I didn't mean to characterize the people there as such. They're really super nice and showed me a great time when I was there. A very welcoming group of people for sure. They see a fair sharr of tourists to see Salvation Mountain and are cool with that. It's not that they're unwilling to be interviewed but like any of us, dislike hearing how something was characterized in a negative light after the fact.

  4. Steve, I've been getting a lot of emails from people with the same reaction. That interview with Mr. "I always wore a suite and tie" was a little disturbing. While brandinging that gun he kind of implies that he's in the lawless west and the only thing preventing the local slabers from eating his children. I hope that the story was hyped up by CBS and he isn't really that freaked out. Everyone I've talked to from there seems very helpful.

  5. Ash ... there's so much more I can tell you. I learned from friends there that he has about 4 more careers under his belt that he didn't mention in his CBS interview. He's a BS'r for sure.

    Here's how scared he is of people there. On our way back to my friends RV that night we passed his home. There was a large blue glow coming from one of the (state faire type) kiosk structures next to his RV. It was a (rough guess) 32-40" flatscreen TV set where his kids (and others) were watching a movie (Cars). The TV belongs to him.

  6. I actually think it would be kinda neat to be living someplace like the old slab city. I think about things like that alot. How ever, it would be alot more enjoyable if it were not a forced, no choice kind of thing. The onlookers would kinda suck though, I guess.


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