August 11, 2011

DIY Campers

Another slow day where I felt I was tripping over my own feet. My new bed set up is so comfy I could have slept much longer. 

Fighting with a professor over grades. When did it become ok for grad students to be teaching 80% of college courses? I pay huge money to be taught by people who are suppose to be knowledgeable in their field, not a kid my age who just got their BA.

Breakfast hotpockets were on sale, two for $2 so its a egg and cheese day peppered with many cups of coffee. I have a wicked headache. 

Used to send off some postcards. Some chit chatty letters, a few thank yous to people I saw over the weekend, and a birthday card to my mother who turns 59 next week. If you enter SUMMER25 as the promotional code you save 25% and they will mail them for you for the price of a stamp! Saves me time at the post office and I don't have to store stamps. No handling cost either.

Floor Plan
Thanks to everyone who's been emailing me with awesome ideas, personal blogs, and tips and tricks. There are some phenomenal rigs out there! A reader sent me this link a few days ago. Got some free time? Not planning to be mobile for a while? This site lets you order plans for campers and make them yourself!I know, awesome for all you do-it-yourselfers out there and they have everything from truck caps to 29 foot mammoths. Even if you don't order their plans this site can give you some cool ideas.
29'6" Trailer!

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