February 1, 2012

Teach For America

Well, Teach for America is a no go. For those of you just tuning in I applied to Teach for America as a last minute back up plan and got disconnected during my phone interview. Needless to say I kind of saw this coming. Unfortunately I now need another plan two, as that was my plan two and now I only have a plan one... Being a grown up is time consuming. So just in case the NOLA thing doesn't pan out, I'm taking suggestions for cool jobs, preferably something education oriented where I could use all these teaching certifications. Two hours math test tomorrow morning!


  1. That sucks. Sorry.

    I'm not grown up enough to make job suggestions.

  2. You can teach me anything anytime you want. I'll be your star pupil. No wait ... that came out kind of wrong, and I'm totally ok with that.

    Life has something better in store for you Ash. That's all it means.

  3. Sorry about Teach For America...perhaps it was just not meant to be. Plan C might be applying directly to the school districts. Every district in South Carolina is linked through one website and I believe you can apply on-line. God knows we need qualified teachers down here as we have one of the lowest rated education systems in the country. Pay is not great but the rewards are! The website is sciway.com.

  4. There's also the option of teaching EFL in a foreign country. South Korea pays well, isn't too crazy, and is probably one of the more fun options.

    If you don't care about money, pretty much anywhere in Latin America hires English teachers, and with a for-reals education degree, you should be able to get a real job, like at a university or private school. A big place for those interested is Dave's ESL Cafe. Even if you just cruise the job boards, it's a great resource.


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