February 10, 2012

Car Repairs

It's been one of those hurry up and wait kind of days. I really tried to get stuff done this morning, but with very little luck. The one thing I did accomplish was covering one of my class notebooks, but I'm not sure I can justify my morning with just that.

My brakes have started screeeetching in the past few days and so I called my mechanic last night to see if her could squeeze  the Go Go Gadget Red Car in this afternoon. He's going to try (because he's awesome), but if he can't I'm going to take the car back (he knows better than to ask if I can leave it overnight) and bring it back to him Saturday morning. My entire weekend is thrown off kilter! I was going to be driving up to New Hampshire  tonight to see the kids and my folks and then visiting my aunt and uncle (who I haven't seen in forever) on the way home Sunday. Of course my schedule is the least of my problems. Brake pads and (potentially) routers are about $300 and I need a new tire ($50+) so there goes a good chunk of my tax refund (Lucky I did taxes early this year or I'd be up a creek). In all fairness the girl is less than 300 miles from the big 200,000 and I don't take care of her like I should. I'm very fortunate she doesn't quite on the side of the highway in protest.

So that's my day in a nutshell. I'm at work now and will leave at about 1pm, and try to find something to do for five hours... Updates (and maybe a rant) will follow shortly.


  1. Sorry to hear about the brakes. It sounds like
    the car is in good hands though.

  2. good luck getting the car repaired. I know it can be expensive but stopping is essential! LOL.


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