February 16, 2012

Slide Show

Would you believe that next month will be my one year aniversary of full time vehicle dwelling? I think that's quite a milestone for both myself and the go go gadget red car. I gathered up some of the many many photos that have apeared on The Tuckerbag over the past eleven months and they're in a  slide show on the right. A lot has happened and it's honestly a little wierd looking back over all the car designs, food, parking spaces, and other ideas that litter the path from there to now.

This week a lot of my time has been spent figuring out where and how I'm going to live this summer. I have to train for six weeks in New Orleans with no pay check (they give you $2,000 at the end if you make it through training). That means I'm going to be broke (which I'm use to) and in a city (which I'm not use to). I've been talking to a few hostels about working for a bed, but no takers yet. Any ideas from the peanut gallery? Keep in mind that vehicle dwelling is going to be tricky until I get the lay of the land and I'm broke enough already without a $500 vagrency ticket. The countdown is on!


  1. Congrats on the one-year! That's a lot of rent money that didn't need to be spent.

    Is there a wal-mart in New Orleans you could park at to sleep at night?

  2. Where is your donation button? I feel the urge to click it.

  3. Six weeks is a long time, just keeping checking on hostels, for monthly rates. You could try couch-surfing or any RV park that allows tents might work as well. Good luck, your going to be a fantastic teacher.

  4. Ash

    Have you ever heard of couch surfing . Com , or . Org , I read a story about a girl who moved to Berlin and her goal was to sleep in a different house every nigh for one whole year t !! She did did it also, but Berlin is pretty big.

    Try craigs list , looking for Host families? Room rentals, maybe night time opar ? Tell them your situation that you can pay rent after 6 weeks , ask the school if another teacher could take you in ?? I was stranded in glacier texas population 5 and the post master general took me in for a week while my tranny was replaced.

    Great slide show thanks !!!!

  5. I guess I should have read this post before posting my question on the last post.

    The hostel idea sounds great if you can get that arrangement.

    Couchsurfing.com is amazing too. I have been living in CO a few months, and have had a few different people staying on my couch. A guy from Switzerland is staying with me for a week next month.

    How about WWOOFing? Wwoofusa.org. You have to pay like $30 to join, but the deal is that you work about 4 hours a day on an organic farm in return for food and rent. Looks like there are 2 in the lower 9th ward? Is that anywhere close to where yo'ull be? Or would you even have 4 hours a day free with training? Just a suggestion.

  6. New Orleans is very tricky for living in your van. Do you belong to the Yahoo group... Van Dwellers? They would probably know how to guide you.

    There are no Walmarts where you can stay. You may have to commute ... where will you be in New Orleans?

    There are still areas that are very high crime. Great great city but not very van dweller friendly. There is a state park but it isn't free...

    check with Van Dwellers... http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/VanDwellers/

  7. I got caught by 'two organic farms in the Lower 9th Ward.' Really? That's amazing.

    The Good Luck Duck

  8. Ash,

    Many years ago, I had a habit of going to New Orleans every so often with one or more of my brothers. I have slept in cars on the streets with as many as five other people and not been hassled. That was thirty years ago now, but New Orleans is still famous for its laid-back attitude. Just be careful about the police; when I was going there, they were famously corrupt. Also, the Salvation Army has/had a women's shelter; it wasn't free but it was clean and safer than some other places.

    What I would worry most about in New Orleans is the summer climate. The heat and humidity are intense day and night all summer, similar to Houston. Yuck! That's one reason I mentioned the shelter. I would want a/c for certain.


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