February 23, 2012

Summer Housing

I heard back from the Marqette House last night (it's been Marti Gras so they've been real busy). I had emailed them a little while back about working this summer for a bed. This was their answer:

Dear Ashley,
We have not been able to respond to your inquiry about a part time summer job for a dorm bed as we have been in the middle of our busy Mardi Gras season.
We do have work exchange positions available, in return for a dorm bed during the late May to mid summer period you mentioned.  Duties generally involve housekeeping chores and helping do the hostel laundry, possibly gardening and yard work if you like that kind of work.  We require a minimum of 2 hours for each free night that time of year.  Work exchanges are expected to be both diligent and work hard.  Work can be done day time on weekends if that is the only time you are available, but we do not generally use work exchanges in the evenings.
To apply we would need additional information about yourself and experience - a resume if you have one - as duties include access to secure areas like guest dorms and private rooms.  Information about your new job and training program would also be helpful.  A government issued photo ID is also required (and also needed to check in).
Whether or not you do work exchange, our hostel makes for good temporary accommodation while you search for an apartment.  We offer a $124 plus tax weekly rate for longer term guests, with pillow, blanket, sheets, and towel included.
Marquette House

So I've sent along all the stuff they needed and am waiting to hear if I have a home this summer. That would take a whole lot of stress of and my biggest problem will be getting the Jetta down there in May. That and finding the money for food...

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  1. Sounds like a good deal 2 hours of work for a bed, I do not think you can beat that, I might try the same.


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