February 28, 2012


Hang on guys! I know that the crazy layout changes today have been a roller coaster (I'm starting to feel a little ill myself) but bare with me for a bit. Blogger seems to be having some issues and totally messed up my template this morning! They have this new template that they want everyone to switch to and they are doing everything in their power to move people over. But I will not change my formatting, despite the Blogger board of director's increasingly violent mood swings! Unfortunately now I have to retrieve everything they erased so... hang in their.


  1. Ash soon you will hit the big 100 in followers , don't stress your blog looks great. Keep up the good work :-))

  2. Bingo

    John Albert is your 100 follower !!! less then 24 hours for my words to come true.

    1. Excellent! Now what are next week's powerball numbers?


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