June 9, 2011

Solar Ovens

Last night I lay in bed staring out at the lightning storm and dreaming about all the changes I would make to my car if I hit Powerball tomorrow. I found a Dodge van on Craig’s List for $750 and it only has 160,000 miles on it! With dreams of grandeur I did what I usually do when I’m about to spend a large amount of money: I call someone so they can talk me out of it. My father (the carpenter!) was first on my list, and he very quickly made the case for fuel efficiently and compact stealth. We compromised; I’m going to stick with the Jetta and he’s going to help tear the seats out when I go to New Hampshire on the 23rd.

So I have about two weeks before that will get done and I already have my next project: A solar oven! Dean and Shalane of the Greendockin’ Blog recently posted about their new solar oven and I was immediately jealous. After some quick web surfing I came across a few great site on building solar cookers, like Solarcooking.org, and have been mentally planning my ideal compact and easily stored homemade solar oven. Weather willing, I'm going to try a few different designs over the weekend.


  1. Cool! Looking forward to see how it works!

  2. What a kick ass idea. I might need to make one of these myself.

    Seeing as you are in the north east? Check out Porcfest from the 20th-26th in Lancaster NH. I wish I could go, but I have to get on the road and start moving west, but Ill be checking it out next summer.


  3. So how did it work ????

    Please tell us. Inquisitive minds want to KNOW !!


  4. Well like I said Curious George did it and they cooked a lasagna...so anythings possible :)

  5. Please let me know what happens when you try it out. I'm curious to see how well it works in the milder north eastern climate.



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