June 27, 2011

Old Shoes

They've seen better days
My right knee hurts. Ever since Luke kicked me during a soccer game in third grade my kneecap aches in low pressure and gets worse every year. I’ve accepted that discomfort, but this is something new. Maybe it’s from sleeping more curled than usual or maybe it’s from my shoes, but the back of my knee has been stiffening up and twinging throughout the day, low pressure or not. Because my living situation will not be changing any time soon I’ve decided it’s my shoes, a pair of sandals that I have worn into the ground. Over the weekend I picked up some supper cheap cute (but totally non practical) sandals in NH. Now I need something functional (and preferably flatish). The problem is that I'm cheap and when shopping for shoes (and bikes and cheese) you get what you pay for.

Miss Me $24.95
For some reason the super thin sole seems to be in fashion this year. What's the difference between this and bare feet? No support and no tread. If it rains I'll go butt over teakettle and probably injure my knee even more. I don't need height (I'm 5'10") but this doesn't seem anymore practical that stilettos.

So the search is on for the perfect pair of  (inexpensive, cute, practical, and well made) shoes. Any suggestions? Does anyone out there like these flat soled jobbies? Maybe I'm not giving them a chance. I got payed on Friday and, in topical fashion, have found twenty things that I need to spend my money on. Of all of those things shoes seem to be the most justifiable, so I'm starting here.


  1. I have a similar pair that I bought last year and when it rained I almost went butt over tea kettle in them myself. My feet kept slipping in them and it was very annoying. Have you ever tried sanuk sandals? They're not exactly cheap, but they are definitely worth it, we both really like them. I only own a pair of their sidewalk surfers but I plan on getting another pair and a pair of their flip flops too. They're super comfortable and light. Other than that I usually wear regular old navy flip flops so I'm no real help there. Best of all they only cost a couple of dollars.

  2. Well, doo-doo. I wish I could suggest inexpensive, well-made, comfortable shoes...alas, I cannot. My feet measure 7AAAA, so in order to stay even a little comfortable I have to buy expensive shoes. For me, Payless equals blisters and horrible foot/calf cramps.

    However...Earth makes several really good (though expensive) sandals and shoes. I had a pair of vegan-leather Earth sandals (with the negative heel) for three or four years. Wore them every spring and summer day until they finally gave up the ghost. May they rest in peace.

    OK, I'm exceptionally unhelpful today. Sorry, I'll be off now.

  3. greetings just found your blog and have read quite a bit so far , and think im in love hehe.


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