June 29, 2011

What a Wednesday

Wow, thanks for all the sewing tips everyone!! I love hearing from people who actually know what they’re doing (so much better than trusting the internet).

New Shoes
I woke up at 1:30am this morning to the first sounds of rain hitting the roof and rushed to close the sunroof. This poor car has been rained in so many times I’m surprised it doesn’t continuously smell like wet dog. Around 7am I hit the snooze button twice before crawling into the driver’s seat and making my way downtown where I then biked in to work, still more than a little groggy. Better than yesterday morning when I got behind a truck, wasn’t paying attention, and realized that I was just following him (ie: was nowhere near the college). I hate that.

I got some new shoes, maybe not the ones I would have bought, but they were cheap ($3 at Payless) and not falling apart so that's a plus. There was just nothing fancier I could find that I liked! I figure that this buys me some time to find that perfect (and elusive) pair.

Tonight I get to visit a friend I haven’t seen in three years! She’s in the hospital (which blows) but doing fine and has requested a stealth delivery of gummy bears. I figure there will be at least a few hours of catch up and girl chatting about the good old days in the slum boarding house we use to live in. Good times.

So that's it for today ladies and gents. I got my first summer class grade and it was an A so that bodes well for the other three summer courses I'm taking. I still have to read twenty kids books for my children's lit class, take two exams, and write an essay by the end of the week. Time to caffeine up! Have a lovely afternoon everyone.

PS: I added a tab for some of my favorite and most helpful blogs. Check them out, they're great!

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