June 3, 2011

New Roof Storage

Ok, so when I started car dwelling I didn’t have storage and every evening I would move all my junk from the back of the car (my bed) to the driver’s seat. There were two major problems with this, the first being that I am way too lazy to go through this daily. The second problem is that nothing seems to raise red flags like a vehicle with stuff piled on the front seat. Thus began my quest for the perfect roof storage system.

I don’t have a roof rack or that cool lip on the roof to attach things too, so securing anything was a challenge. My first solution was a metal rack (self assembled), about $45, that had metal clips to shut in the door and hold the thing on. A recap of the problems:

  1. We’ve already established that I’m lazy, so readjusting clips every time I needed to open any of the doors was a pain.
  2. It sat on my sun roof: Bad for the roof and my star gazing
  3. The metal clips, when shut in the door, let water into the car in massive rain storms.

So I brought it back (thank goodness for Wal-Mart’s return policy) and found a better solution. A black, weather proof, soft bag that I can tie to the top of the back doors. Nice things about this bag?

  1. Its 15 sq ft and isn’t even close to full.
  2. It stays on my car when drive away but forget to tie it down
  3. It has Velcro and zippers, so pretty solid
  4. It looks better than the blue tarp
The bag was about $40 and I am so far a fan. Anything that frees up space while not making me look like a crazy person is good with me. I think that if there is any litmus test for this bags effectiveness it would be weathering a hurricane, which it seems to have done fairly well. There was a little bit of moisture inside but all my stuff is in plastic bins so... Bravo Wal-Mart, you're 1:3.


  1. So the Tuckerbag actually has a bag on the roof now :-D

  2. oh my gosh. your car (and the earlier version of the rack) looks exactly like how i made my trip from the deep south to nyc. good memories! it was piled so full of crap that i had shoes trying to escape from the backseat windows! ;)

  3. ...oh, and i had a '97 jetta, too! what a great car.

  4. I absolutely love your blog. Thanks for viewing ours. Hopefully, we will be able to help each other with ideas for frugal ways of living!

  5. Thanks man! I'm driving across the country in a small 4 door and have been looking all over the web for either rails or a bag like this. Now I can just go to Walmart!!! awesome sauce! I think its awesome you are living in your car...and though you still have to pay registration...its a lot less then the taxes one pays on their home, thus a cheaper dwelling. I just found your blog, but I bookmarked it now!

  6. One of the best site I have seen on being house less 1st class great effort thanks for all the links


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