June 28, 2011

Depoe Bay, OR

I, like many, have a bad tendency to wax nostalgic about past destinations. I’ve noticed that there are quite a few people traveling around the west coast right now and thought I’d take this opportunity to point you in the direction of an awesome little shop.

Years ago my sister and I lived in Oregon for a summer. It was wonderful and we met all sorts of great people, but one place (and one couple) really stood out above all the rest. Sara (my sister) and I had been driving up and down the California Coast for a few days, trying to find someplace to settle down and get jobs. Everything was really expensive and finally we crossed the state line into Oregon traveling up the coast towards Washington. After rambling around for a bit we came across a beautiful little town called Depoe Bay, right smack in the center of the coast line, and we decided to settle there (mainly because we were out of money). Sara and I needed a permanent place to live and ended up at an RV park on the Siletz River camping in a field with two llamas named Sandy and Diego. Anyway, we went into Depoe Bay looking for jobs and I found Pirate Coffee Company run by Sharon and Barry. I had managed a Starbucks coffee shop for a few years and they hired me as a barista.
Sharon and Barry with "The Captain" and "Tennille"

They had the best coffee I’d ever tasted. They loved their shop and it showed in everything they did. Sharon had two coffee roasters in the back named “The Captain” and “Tennille” and she roasted all beans by hand. Barry would regularly dawn a pirate costume and freak customers out. There was a book swap shelf in the corner of the cafĂ© (take a book/leave a book) and every day was a party.

Sharon and Barry are still there. They display and sell local glass art and still have the best coffee around. If you’re in the area check them out, it’s well worth it.

The town of Depoe Bay is also an amazing little place. One of those areas that runs on tourists and then turns into the most amazing and close knit community when the tourists go home. Candy shops, great seafood, whale viewing, and lots of places to park and stay (many for free). So if you're in the area, check it out.


  1. If it were possible today, my brave little Sara-car-clone and I would head for Depoe Bay for a cup with Sharon and Barry. I'd even give up my tea for a java jolt! -- Auntie Ann

  2. Sounds like a cool place to visit or live ! Thanks for sharing Ash !


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