June 14, 2011

"Put Some Clothes On"

My patients just ran out. Please tell me if I’m being unreasonable.

At 1am there is a knock at my window. I’m getting pretty use to PD welfare checks at this point and have my IDs handy but, when I roll the window down and say good morning, the response is “Put some clothes on and step out of the vehicle.” No “how are you”, no “hello”. Not only was she totally abrasive, but she called for backup!

So I stood there in my PJs (by the way I was wearing them in the car, I was not naked) through the usual spiel: IDs, are you a student?, what permit? Oh that permit, this isn’t safe. They seemed to feel like what I was doing was wrong and there must be a rule against it, but they didn’t know what that rule was.

I am always respectful of the popo, but that was my last straw. That and the backup popo telling me that “the town has shelters.” To which I replied that those sorts of resources should be saved for the homeless, which I was not.

Cops wake me up every week in the wee hours of the morning, and I understand that they want to make sure I’m ok. They’re usually nice. Not this one, and now I’m ticked off. No one is going to sign their name to my living in the parking lot and this is just one more hassle I’ll have to deal and a few more hoops I’ll have to jump through.

So, that’s the story. Thoughts? Am I totally off base? I know they’re trying to cover themselves should anything happen, but do they need to be such jerks about it?


  1. Spend tonight at the police station parking lot. Btw, was that officer Wigglebottoms?

    Are you dead set on keeping the Jetta? I shopped around on craigslist and found vanagons/westfalias in the 3-5k range.

  2. Steve, it was not officer wigglebottoms. I've managed to find the second female cop in my town. I will say that, while I was standing in the rain waiting for her, I thought of your comment and did smile:)

  3. As for keeping the Jetta, I'd like an RV tomorrow but it has to cost less that $200... I'm still looking.

  4. You said that mostly the cops are making sure you're okay? Perhaps you could... put a note on your window or something, or near your license plate, stating that you are okay? And then they would have to think of other reasons to bother you?

  5. Ask if you are being charged with a crime? And then tell the cop, you are free to go. Your big mistake was not being stealthy. They all know you are there.


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