June 14, 2011

Extreme Exhaustion

It has been a long day and I’m working on one hour of sleep. I’m not sure if I mentioned that, but after the debacle this morning I couldn’t fall back to sleep. I spent the early hours roaming campus fuming and plotting revenge. Luckily I had simmered down by 8:30am and entered work somewhat clear headed. It helps a great deal to have my little office of coworkers who listen to me rant endlessly about a lifestyle most of them could never see living themselves. I also have the best boss ever who let me leave work at noon in order to track some administrators down. At the time no one was willing to talk to me, but when I got back online there was an email from the dean of students asking me to set up a meeting: “Perhaps we can straighten this out.” Here’s hoping. Here’s also hoping for a disturbance free night.

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