March 18, 2012

Pulled Over

St Patrick's Day weekend in New Hampshire was a lot of fun. The kids and I baked Irish Soda Bread on Saturday and we had the traditional boiled dinner. The evening was full of Baily's and pool which was much more fun than participating in amateur hour downtown.

This morning I had to be out of the house early and the boys conveniently acted as my alarm. I opened my eyes to both boys hovering above my face. One asked me to make breakfast, the other asked if he could play a video game. I asked them both to make me coffee but they were not up for the challenge. It was worth a try.

So after making my own coffee (actually, Julie may have made it) I drove off to see the folks. There's a winding road that goes past some summer cottages. The speed limit drops to 30 and then up to 40 right after the last curve. And who was waiting right there as I came around the corner? You guessed it, the popo. So he pulled out behind me and on go the blues. Apparently I jumped the gun and was going 39 and to make matters worse I couldn't find my driver's license (I'm sure it's somewhere in the car). Luckily the cop was obviously not looking for speeders (probably people still drunk from the night before) and let me off with a verbal warning after accepting my passport as ID. Very nerve racking but all's well that ends well.

I visited with my folks for a few hours, which was fun. When I was leaving Dad had just grabbed a rifle to go check on a chicken disturbance. I haven't actually heard if he found anything... I should probably give them a call.

From there I went to Concord to visit with my cousin (second step cousin actually) who I haven't seen in many years. It was a quick visit but worth the detour. I'm house sitting this week so I had to get back to Mass to feed the bunnies (yes, the house has two rabbits).

It's my spring break so I am now reacquainting myself with cable TV. I took tomorrow off and plan on doing next to nothing.


  1. I should have lived in my Passat. It never ran.

  2. It sounds like your making your own adventures. Keep having fun, watch some disney, and relax, you deserve

  3. Hi Ash,

    I am glad you didn't receive a ticket. They are getting expensive any more.

    Just curious... Which is scarier for you, a traffic stop or explaining sleeping in a car?

    I haven't gotten pulled over in the van but have had the sheriff ask me why I as in the campground in January... I showed him the inside of the van and he thought it was slick. It was still nerve wracking though.

    1. Honestly I'm more nervous about a speeding ticket. Maybe it's because I'm not awake enough at 2am for the cops to really freak me out... I've found that when it comes to sleeping in a vehicle most cops don't really know what to do. Both me and my car is clean and if I'm sleeping somewhere I know it's legal. If they're knocking on my windows it's them that need a good story, not me. Speeding tickets on the other hand could bump my insurance up. That being said, I've never had a speeding ticket (knocking furiously on my wooden desk).


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