June 5, 2011

The Pre-Teen Army

Happy Sunday everybody! It’s been a weird and slightly hectic two days so bear with me while I get my head on straight. Yesterday was a lot of homework and I went to the theater to see The Hangover II, which was decent but I didn’t think worthy of the hype. It was too hot for tea so my tent dweller and I had cokes on the side of the road and chatted about the puppies and how big they’re getting (and how much they hate thunder).

At 2:30 am there was a knock on my window. I don’t know what I was dreaming about, but I was awake like a jack-in-the-box, pulling back the curtain and smiling a loud “Good morning!” to the shocked officer. He didn’t have much to say, “just checking it out”, and began backing away immediately while assuring me he’d try to remember my car so he wouldn’t bug me again. It was recently suggested that these visits form the popo were a direct result of the less than incognito state of the go-go gadget red car and that I was therefore undeserving of sympathy for my lack of sleep. While I do understand that the gentlemen was just doing his job, I wish one popo would check the permit hanging from the front mirror; it would save us all some hassle.

These girls could kick my butt
After the disturbance I fell back to sleep almost immediately and six hours later woke to a cool breeze and the screaming of school children.  Yeah, I guess the college was hosting some sort of soccer round robin type deal and the place was packed. It was like a battle field of midgets in matching uniforms being followed by women with pink visors and coolers. I played soccer as a kid and we sucked. I always attributed our poor athletic abilities to our age, but these kids were impressive and I may need to change my excuse.
Setting up shop
In an effort to avoid the crowds, I headed towards California Clare’s. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned her before, but California Clare recently moved from (you guest it!) California to Central Massachusetts and is stubbornly learning the ins and outs of New England. Recently she had an almost two acre piece of land rototilled in order to plant her vegetable garden. Yes, I told her she was crazy (many times) however I admire her extreme stubbornness, which can only bring her closer to New England natives. In a show of support (and because she feeds me) I helped her plant beets, carrots, peas, and beans today. We then collapsed in front of a fantastic Sinatra and Astaire movie. 

The day is now winding down and I am exhausted, hope everyone enjoyed their (much too short) weekend.

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