June 7, 2011

The New Plan

I have been dreaming, which always leads to trouble. I have this plan to semi gut the Go-Go Gadget red car. I want to take out the whole back seat and the front passenger seat. The car will still be drivable, but this will open up the living space a lot. I was originally going to have a smaller bed behind the driver’s seat but, after last night, I realized I can’t spare any leg room.

If only I had unlimited resources! For now I will spend my evenings window shopping at Home Depot.


  1. Consider using Duvetyne fabric to cover the side and rear windows instead of spraypaint. It's what they use on movie/tv sets to create black-out conditions, and what I used on the privacy shades in my rig. Absolutely zero light gets out, so at night, I can have lights on inside and still maintain the appearance of just another parked and unoccupied vehicle to anyone on the outside. Having the option of taking them down in daylight is cool too.

  2. Can you sort of test it out first? By taking the seats out and getting a feel for it. I think the biggest shock will be taking the seats out. If you don't like it you can just put them back in and forget you ever tried it. It's definitely worth a try. You'll never know if you don't try it! I agree with the fabric idea... we probably would have went that route if we had known about it :) Having a cabinet would be nice along with the extra storage. I think you'll like it in the end.

  3. Hey Ash !

    I think that is a fantastic idea. Take some pics and share with us please. Thanks !

  4. This is such a cool idea. I had looked into using thick plywood to cover my backseat and the floor area to make a bed for a road trip, but decided against it. Pulling out the seats will be quite a task. You could try the local dump. I know the one in my area has an area, including building materials, where people can dump stuff in decent condition and people are allowed to come pick through it. You might find some building materials or shelves. And there is always bulk pick up day. Usually the last day of the month in my area. Its a curb side oasis.

    Bravo to you for choosing to live like this! Yes I agree, pictures of your remodel would be awesome!


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