June 18, 2011

A Taste Of The Town

Breaking from my usual Saturday routine, California Clare came to visit and we went to a "town tasting" in the park. All the restaurants and bars in the area had booths and served their five or so best dishes. Clare had some sort of Thia dumpling and I had curry and ices chi tea (delightful). It was really fun and very cheap, plus the farmer's market was going on next door at the same time, so we got to peruse some great maple syrup businesses and a farm that specialized in goat cheese. California Clare got to try maple cream (also known as maple butter) for the first time and the woman said that maple syrup was a healthier sweetener than honey! As a registered beekeeper (one of my many random bits of knowledge) I am skeptical. As far as I am concerned, honey is the miracle food.

Vendors peddle their crack-like tasties to adoring fans

In other news, I spend the night at the mall and wasn't hassled once. There were some RVs and  quite a few cars that hadn't moved by 6am. I have decided that if I will be living in such a public space I need to get more incognito. I bought four more feet of that black not-really-neoprene fabric to go over the back window. I don't remember if I mentioned it (and I'm too lazy to go back and check) but the Velcro is sticking to the window really well. It is not, however, sticking to the neoprene in the heat... Duck Tape, WD40 AND Superglue. Any do-it-yourselfer's emergency kit.


  1. My windshield curtain in my previous rig was held on by velcro. I had sewn the velcro to the curtain so that part of course stayed put, but the heat melted the glue on the part stuck to the vehicle and it dripped down. Some of them didn't stick.

  2. I'm completely hooked on your blog. I get all excited when I see a new one pop up. It's like reading a never-ending book :)

  3. Glori, I just spoke to my father who said almost the same thing except that he cringes when he sees a new post pop up. I'm glad you're enjoying it:)


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