June 24, 2011

Peanut Butter Pancakes

Day two in New Hampshire and the kids let me sleep in until 7am, which is unheard of. We made chocolate pancakes with peanut butter maple syrup which even the six year old, who hates pancakes, enjoyed. A friend from way back owned a restaurant and use to put a similar syrup on banana pancakes, so I've been trying to duplicate it ever since.

While I was making dinner last night I missed a call from my father. Because the guy who's inspecting my car is a friend of his I called dad right back and asked, expectantly, how much it was going to cost me to pass this year. David (the mechanic) told my father that he wasn't going to charge a college student who lived in their car and I could pay him when I graduated. It's times like these that I miss my small town. 

So I picked the go go gadget car up, good for another year. M (the six year old) and I went to  an archery rang to check out lessons as someone got him a toy bow and arrow and he wanted to try a real one. $25 for a half hour one-on-one lesson and they provide the equipment. Not bad so we decided that would be my graduation-from-first-grade present to him.

Julie's home cooked chicken and potatoes for dinner (a rare luxury for me) along with an evening of Yahtzee, Captain and cokes, and real TV. Tomorrow is my last full day in New Hampshire and then it's back to the backseat.


  1. How sweet! (of your mechanic.)Glad to see you enjoyed yourself!

  2. Mmmmmmmmm ..... peanut butter pancakes sound sooooooooo gooooooood !!!! :)


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