August 13, 2011

Bald Tire

Seriously not good
Walked out of Shaws this morning and noticed this. The Go Go Gadget Red Car is telling me that my procrastination and willingness to run her into the ground is not appreciated. August 14th and 15th (That's tomorrow and Monday) are tax free holidays in Massachusetts, so it looks like new tires are going to happen whether I want to make the investment or not.

The lousy part is that I have a dinner date in Worcester tonight with some friends I haven't seen in ages and are only in state for one day. I don't think this tire is going to make it.

It's that always the way? Just when you feel you're on solid ground Murphy's Law sneaks up and womps you in the back of the head.


  1. Ooops. Just saw this earlier post. Cord is showing. Not good! Replace!


  2. You definitly need to replace that before you can drive anywhere. Be safe


  3. at lest you dont need a truck tire be safe

  4. That tire is unsafe and should not be driven on. You are looking for trouble:
    Some tips from a search:

    If you have been driving with under inflation (low pressure) the tires will be more worn on both the shoulders because an under inflated tire tends to lift up in the center of the tread when it is in use.
    ***(Cant really tell from the pic if both sides are worn)

    Sometimes you may notice wear just on one edge or the other. Usually this is caused by a problem with the wheel alignment, not tire pressure. The solution is to have the wheels aligned as soon as possible so as to stop this abnormal wear. ***(too late to save that tire, but if it's the case get an alignment)

    Hope this helps


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