August 28, 2011

Hurricane Day!

It's like a birthday, the east coast has been preparing for this for a week.

Check out my newest discovery! With Irene here the campus is abandoned and I'm bored with nothing better to do then snoop. I found this little gem on the ninth floor and no, it is neither a daycare nor Martha Stewart's boardroom. Too much time was spent wondering if the paint was yellowy green or greenish yellow. It's air conditioned with a bubbler right outside the door and very soft carpet (as you can see I've been walking around barefoot). Pretty snazzy, right? The one down side is that ninth floor thing. I'm not going to tempt fate by taking an elevator during a hurricane, so that's nine flights of stairs I had to shlep up.

So, this is my hide out for the time being. PS: the time is 1:15pm and no hurricane as yet. Lots of rain, but nothing that could be considered torrential. hmmm... This better not have been a false alarm.


  1. Glad to hear you're alright! Hope you successfully rode out the rest of the storm!

  2. just seeing how you made out hope things are well


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