August 4, 2011

Envelope Organizers

I am a very organized person, one of those crazies who keeps files with old leases and color codes their calendar. In truth I love the organization less than I love the products and techniques of organizing. I have an unexplained weakness for office supplies, and can spend many happy hours readings through Office Depot catalogs. 

As you might imagine, my car living situation is not really conducive to my OCD tendencies, and I've spent the past few months shuffling items to make my space functional. A few days ago I got my hands on some old Martha Stewart magazines and found this handy tip.

Find some colorful envelopes and paste them to the inside cover of a notebook, address book, or whatever. I did this for my planner and now have a great place to stick outgoing letters. I also put a pocket in my notebook for recipes, notes, and clippings that I want to hang onto. I bet Martha never thought her projects would be used by vehicle dwellers.


  1. Brilliant idea about the outgoing letters! I'll have to remember those tips when I get ready for my personal exodus.

  2. I bet you could put your coupons in there too!


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