August 20, 2011

Your Government

I have never and will never get political on you, but just because we live on the fringes of society doesn't mean we shouldn't have a say. The best thing we can do is be informed and involved. Each month I write at least one letter about an issue I care about. Sometimes it's to a committee, sometimes I send it to each of my state reps, sometimes it's just something quick to one rep.

Today I’m issuing a challenge to everyone out there in cyberspace; 
Write to your government

Maybe you love what they're doing and want to say "dude, thanks for fighting for (fill in your cause here)!" or maybe you're really ticked off and want to tell them what for. Do you have an opinion about agriculture and sustainable farming? Immigration? The economy? How about the Mississippi River? Well, they've got a department for that! And you can contact them. It doesn't matter which side of the isle you sit on, your representatives should know what's important to you.

This government (politicians, agencies, and committees) work for you and if you don't tell them what you want then how can they make informed decisions? If they're not living up to your expectations, they need to know. At the same time, people tend to write to them to complain and very rarely send a quick thanks. If your reps are doing good, let them know you're happy with their decisions. 

Use these links to
Every office is web savvy, so you have the option of snail mail, email, and even twitter. Our government is of the people and for the people. Put in your two cents!

Other useful site:
Your reps are busy, they will probably not be reading your letters themselves (they have interns for that), but your point will be counted and you will get a response within a few weeks. Some letters are passed along and each one makes a difference.


  1. Right On! Or should that be "Write On"? Like you say, it's VERY easy to drop our rep's a note to let them know how we feel about what they're doing. It amazes me that more people don't take the time to write/call/whatever. Politicians DO listen - after all, it is in their own best interest - so we're all responsible for doing what we can to make ourselves heard.

  2. Ash,
    I do try to let folks know when I think they are providing good service, whether political folks or retail employees.

    Every now and then I get so disgusted with what's going on with our elected officials, I write to suggest a different course of action.

    However, Now I have copied the list you presented so I don't have to look them up each time.

    Bob (aka stude53)


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