August 29, 2011

What Aftermath?

New York - Courtesy of Gary
How does a 400 mile wide hurricane miss a 50 mile wide stretch of land? That's worse then missing the broad side of a barn. It's like throwing that barn at a goose and missing it all together. Businesses shut down, people boarded up their houses. I was so bored that at what should have been the height of the storm I went out for coffee.Last night I was literally rocked to sleep by some pretty intense winds, but other then that hurricane Irene was a big faker, at least for my neck of the woods.

So it's a beautiful day today, cool and calm, which is good because I had to walk a little further to work this morning. For the past year (365 days!) I've been parking in the same spot, next to a restaurant that shares a lot with three other businesses. Apparently they have a new manager because I was greeted by this note scrawled on the back of a business card the other day. I was very tempted to leave a note on their front door saying "You're bread sticks suck!!"But I restrained myself. No need to pass on the ugly.

Happy Monday everyone!

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