August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene

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We’re one week from September and life is speeding up here at the college. Students haven’t moved into the dorms yet but those who are renting apartments have been skulking around the downtown bars and coffee shops. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where I’ll spend my time once the kids have bumped me out of the auditorium. I was living in the Jetta for the last month of the spring semester and made it work, but I know I’ll get a little possessive about my room.

Another downside to the influx of students is that I’ll have to start picking up my stuff from its hiding places around campus. I have a coffee cup behind the heater in one of the rooms (so I have a cup on hand if I need it). There’s a change of clothes behind a staircase. A bottle of soda under a projector. It’s all little stuff that I’ve squirled away over the summer in places that the cleaning crew won’t look. It means I don’t have to carry all that stuff with me to and from the car each day. My big thing is going to be my locker by the showers. It has all my shampoo and whatnot but, once the swim team and lacrosse start back up, someone is bound to clean it out for use by the real athletes. That means that my next order of business should be a shower bag of some sort. That might be a DIY post in the future…
Hurricane Irene is headed my way and Massachusetts is bracing itself for the worst. There was a time when weather like this would never occur to us but this summer we’ve had a tornado, an earthquake, and now a hurricane. Irene looks like it's heading straight through my county. Time to move to Canada! 

Good luck everyone


  1. You will be in my thoughts careful and best of luck with the new school year....

  2. Will pray that CREATOR protects you my friend !!



  3. What are your plans for the storm? Are they opening a shelter up there that you could go to? Just the mom in me.

  4. just wanted to say stay safe i have a link for u

  5. be careful lovey, u can always head here if u need too. Call me later and let me know what the weather's doing


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