August 15, 2011

The $90 Tire

I spent $90 on a new tire this morning and am super bummed that the money didn’t go to something more fun. I still need an alignment and another front tire (two things I’ve known about for months) but I am no longer in peril of a flat. Also, I know that $90 is way too much to spend on one tire, but it was the last one they had in my size and mine couldn’t be driven any further. The price is my punishment for procrastination.

On a somewhat related note, I saw this trailer today and thought it was a Firestone commercial. Amazing the things you find when you Google "tires". Enjoy the crazy!

Still working my way through every Sherlock Holmes episode staring Jeremy Brett. My last summer class ends tomorrow and I was looking forward to a break before fall classes, but a professor from an upcoming course sent out reading to be done early, so it looks like the fall semester has at least unofficially begun. A rainy day but I hung S hooks to organize the Jetta a bit.Pics to follow!


  1. Your friend Wolf`s wisdom advice:

    1. WAY TOO MUCH for your tire
    2. Use internet to search locally for best deals and phone numbers
    3. SOME places take advantage of WOMEN because they are just ass*&!^#@ , so try to check better business bureau first (if time allows)
    4. Check local people that may know some good tire places that are cheap & fair that they have used


  2. That is painful. I needed 4 new tires earlier this year, ouch! One place didn't have the size I needed in stock and wanted to charge me a delivery fee on top of really expensive tires. Fortunately we were not as desperate as you. BTW we are fans of the same show. It's on PBS Saturday at 8pm. I think we may have seen every episode.

  3. Just FYI: for the future. A LOT of gas stations sell used tires (the ones with mechanics in them). A lot of mechanic shops have used tires. A lot of shops exist selling ONLY used tires. Junkyards ALWAYS have used tires. $90 is way too much. Too bad some jerk stole your bike or you could have gone round to the car-fixing section of town. While yours is showing belts, I've seen a lot worse actually. Do you still have a spare? You could have put that on and driven on it for a while.


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