August 29, 2011

Solar Power

I know that there are quite a few of you out there who have fully harnessed the power of the sun. You have solar panels on your van roofs, energy storage batteries under the seats, and all of the coolest gadgets and gizmos for today's environmentally conscious vagabond. Let me just say this: I am super jealous and kind of want to be you right now.

You see, I don't spend a lot of time in the go go gadget red car; it's purely for sleeping and storage. If I had a van, that would be a different story. A few of you have contacted me about lighting and other electricity based gadgets in vehicles so, even though I don't personally use them, here are some things from my solar powered wish list.

The Soul Cell Collapsible Lantern
Light weight and small but not quite on the market yet. When it is, I'll be in line for it.

Powerfilm USB AA Solar Charger
Kind of cool, quick and easy. Folds up and I like the idea of strapping it to a bike. "Capable of charging batteries in 4 hours of full sun; charging lights indicate charging progress and completion Secure it using the 6 built-in grommets Solar operation: 36 v, 4 amps USB charging: 5 v, 1 amp"-Product Description

Flexible Solar Panels
Also a powerfilm product, these come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. "These PowerFilm flexible solar modules can be used alone to direct-power your small DC project (anything that runs off 3V or less and requires 22mA of current or less) - or, they can be used in your battery-charger project to store energy for later use." - Product Description

Solar Panels
There are so many options! Prices rang from a couple hundred dollars to almost a thousand and different states offer rebates. Massachusetts loves solar right now.

Solar Powered iPhone
Yup, this is where we're headed people. I don't even have an iPhone and I want the solar powered one!

There are a lot of different brand, but this may be my first solar purchase

Solar Refrigerator
So expensive! I have hope that when solar become a bigger deal the price will drop.

Solar Window Thermometer
Suctions right onto the window

Solar Laptop bag
Ok, so this isn't really something I need... but isn't it cool??

If you guys are anything like me you have a wish list going of everything you'll have in your ideal vehicle. Let me know if you've come across other great solar ideas that could be utilized by mobile dwellers.

Here are some other cool links to check out in your solar research:

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