August 16, 2011

Microwave Multicooker

Yesterday evening I was window shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond (a relaxing, if slightly depressing habit) and found this microwave multicooker. I'd been looking at similar ones online but the shipping always placed it well over my price range.

You may be asking yourself where in my car there is room for a microwave. Well there isn't, however I work in an office with a microwave and, if I were able to cook enough food for three meals a day in it, I would only need to use my tin can stove on weekends.

When I was a teenager I remember my mother was given a rice cooker very similar to this, which was what I was originally looking for, but the art of microwavable food has come a long way in the last decade. This microwave cooker boasts "4 uses in 1".
  1. Rice Cooker
    • Up to seven cups of rice in 24 minutes
  2. Pasta Cooker
    •  A full box of pasta cooks in seven minutes
  3. Vegetable Steamer
    • 3 minutes for a variety of veggies
  4. Micropot
    • Here's the amazing one: Chicken! Yeah, it cooks "chicken, fish, beef, soups, sauces..." The list goes on.
Pretty cool, right? It did cost me $14.99, but I think that the price will be worth what I get from it. I know that this is a stretch for you full time vehicle dweller out there, but many people alternate between vehicle and sticks and bricks. This works great in a dorm room, small apartment, or for those vagabonds with full time office jobs (like me). I will, of course, keep you fully updated on my adventures in microwave meals.

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  1. using the cookers is definitely the best way to steam veggies or heat soups in the microwave. I have the Pampered Chef microwave cookers - I've had them for 10+ years (I have 2 - a small one I used to keep at work and then the larger) and they have held up perfectly, so even though $14.99 seems like a lot, it's probably a great investment.


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