March 6, 2012

Know Thy Enemy

“Bias and prejudice are attitudes to be kept in hand, 
not attitudes to be avoided.”
-Charles Curtis

If you're part of the mobile community, or keep up with us regularly, you know that we are not always welcome in the places we choose to park. Recently I came across this Seattle neighborhood forum dedicated to getting rid of vehicle dwellers. They take pictures of licence plates, call the police, leave notes and generally try to discourage people from parking. It's kind of disturbing, but thankfully this site at least seems to be out of use. Unfortunately there are other groups like this all over the country so I highly suggest you all "know thy enemy" and take a look at what the other half is saying. Remember that being a messy nuisance is the best way to draw attention to yourself and make people think these neighborhood groups should focus on us. Also remember to read up on municipal codes, these guys found that while parking for 72 hours was legal the vehicle had to be under 80 inches wide, which excluded RVs and gave them a good target.

I hate to place us at odds with sticks and bricks dwellers, I think we should all be able to coexist, but we are the "other" in this case, the unknown and the thing people worry about. Joey Skaggs once said that "Any deviation is looked upon as a perversion, is feared, and is usually a target of hatred and prejudice." Seeing as we are knowingly and willingly deviating from the norm we need to be aware of the prejudice. At the same time Ghandi did say to "be the change you want to see in the world". I wouldn't go so far as to institute a "Hug a Tramp" day, but maybe if we're respectful to those we temporarily live near we can undo some of the stigma that we've been saddled with and change a few minds.

Remember: Be understanding and kind, but be informed


  1. We've had warnings posted on own windshield twice while parked in Seattle near our daughter's house - once on the over 80" code and once on the 72 hours code after we moved around the block to a street with mixed zoning. Kind of sad because we've been visiting for years ,parking in a spot not used by neighbors without any problems and now we have to move around to keep from getting ticketed. We think that we were turned in by someone who had recently moved in.

  2. Ash

    Here is a very, very, very sad story for your blog

    1. What a heart wrenching story! I get so frustrated sometimes with social service system we have in this country and the attitudes of people towards those who have lived a different lifestyle. We almost make them beg our forgiveness when they finally do need help from the state. "Like a child hoping for mercy, she promises she won't fill her home this time with the things she's kept stored all these years." What a cool old lady, and she looks like a riot!

  3. Thanks Ash. This has been going on for centuries, in other countries. The persecution of the Rom, aka "gypsies" in Great Britain caused us to migrate to other parts of the world...very similar to what we are doing in this country.


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