March 27, 2012

Memory Card Reader

Yesterday I told you about my new battery charger (which is awesome) so today I'm introducing my new camera card reader!

Now, my camera is a Kodak Easy Share CX6445
 with 4 mega pixels. When I bought this baby eight years ago it was almost $300. Today it sells for a whopping $30 on Amazon, but no one would buy it because 4 mega pixels are apparently archaic and using this thing to take pictures is a lot like using a rock to hammer a nail. In other words, there are better tools. Anyhow, I've always used the sync cord that came with my camera, a very long black USB cable that attached to whole camera to my laptop (no, I don't have one of those fancy laptops with the built in card reader). Last week that cable finally wore out (or through, as it were) and I went searching for an alternative.

This is the Targus memory card reader. One side is a USB that plugs into the laptop and on the other side the cap comes off and you plug a memory card in. Small, compact, easy to use, and much shorter than the cable I've been hauling around for eight years.It also only cost me about $7, which is totally worth it when you consider the $2 cost per picture CD without it.

See? I'm slowly getting with the times. Honestly I should just get a real laptop with all the modern conveniences but... baby steps.


  1. Hi Ash,

    I keep an Easy Share in the van. Most of the pics you see on my blog were taken with it. Four megapixels is plenty, especially for we bloggers.

    It is amazing how far digital cameras have come in terms of quality, price, and battery life. If you break one it's not as big a deal as it was when they were $300 or more.

    I like the little gadget for plugging in memory. Cool stuff! I need to get one... I keep using the digital camera as one big "memory stick" for carrying files around...

  2. It is good to have an alternative with the cord since you cannot bring it with you always. But a memory card reader is more convenient since you can put it in your pocket. - Marko


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