March 29, 2012

The Birds!

This morning I woke up a few minutes before my alarm went off and lay in bed trying to piece together where I was and what I was suppose to do next. Eventually I rolled over and drew back the curtains... and froze. The hood of my car and the surrounding ground was covered in seagulls. It was like Alfred Hitchcock peppered the Jetta with breadcrumbs while I slept. Finally I had to turn the car on and had their feet been tied to my bumpers, the sheer number of them could probably have carried my car away.

I've been doing a lot of writing about American Nomads for my independent study class and, no offence, I'm getting pretty sick of us. In my paper I'm arguing that we are an independent subculture, which is tough to prove when there is no info on us besides what we ourselves write. Every other country in the world recognizes their nomads as a distinct culture, but Americans don't even acknowledge nomads exist.

In 1888 a Spanish missionary mused on the disposition of a traveling band of gypsies. “This life” he said, “seemingly so wretched, has its charms for these outcasts, who live without care and anxiety, without a thought beyond the present hour, and who sleep as sound in… ravines amongst rocks and pines, as the proudest grandee in his palace at Seville or Madrid” (Borrow, 1888).


  1. Hi Ash, I totally hear you...I have always thought we were a nation of denial!
    I read somewhere that the average person moves almost 12 times in a lifetime....I think it was the 2011 Census. That is pretty mobile if not nomadic.
    Wild...I would love to read your paper when you are finished , Ash....
    Any chance...

    1. Bri, My prof wants me to publish the paper, but I'm not sure what magazine would be interested. One way or another, you will certainly have a chance to read it:)

    2. Most excellent! Good luck publishing....

  2. I am a nomadic CarDweller and love my lifestyle. I would not trade it for ALL the debt and bondage that most people are in. Thank you Ash for standing up for our independent subculture !! Love ya girl !!!

    "Silver Pony"
    2004 Toyota Corolla Mini RV

  3. As I read the article about the birds, it reminded me how many things in nature I used to miss. I'd only really notice things like this once a year - when on vacation (if able to take one which was often not the case).

    When you live in a car/ truck/ van/ RV, etc. it seems like every day is a vacation. You see and experience so much because you're not spending 8 or more hours every day making someone else rich - someone that really doesn't appreciate it.

    Life is good!

  4. How can American society ever recognize Nomads? It goes against the grain of society building and will be lucky, Ash, to get this published to the general public...hopefully you will not get so sick of it that you stop your "mission."


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