March 13, 2012

The Bachelor

Western Massachusetts was 70 degrees yesterday, breaking records in Boston, New York, and some of the our smaller towns. Last night I even slept with the sunroof cracked open, which turned out to be a mistake because, as luck would have it, we got rain at about 2am. This is my perfect temperate, when you can alternate between sandals and a light coat depending on the strength of the wind It's going to be April in just a couple weeks, so this weather won't last forever, but I'm trying to take advantage of it while it's here.

In other news last night was the season finale of The Bachelor. I know, it's not really my cup of tea either, but when enjoyed at a friend's house with wine and cake, viewing becomes an event and I'm sorry to see it end. I'm sure there will be another mindless reality show to take it's place soon enough, so hope is not lost.

It's Tuesday and over the next three days I have three papers due, two tests, one quiz and Spanish oral exam (In a pear tree). Wish me luck or better yet wish that we have a freak snowstorm so I get more time to study.


  1. The weather down here has been very warm but yesterday it was apparently warmer up there! The perfect temp for me is in the 80's. It's strange when you move away from the colder climates you do loose your tolerance for colder weather. Prepare yourself for a hot sticky summer in New Orleans! You might want to read up on getting the vapors...I hear that is something that happens to southern ladies.

  2. Good Luck on all the work, do not think the weather is gonna change, I also have a spanish test tomarrow called the airport.

    1. Your Spanish test has more riding on it:)


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