March 17, 2012

St Patrick's Day

Yesterday I had my Spanish Oral exam (which I got an B+ on) and an Irish Lit exam (which I could have used another hour on). The upside of all these mid terms is that it's not Spring Break and, besides some extra credit,I don't have to touch a text book for a whole week.

I kicked off the weekend by driving up to New Hampshire after work/school yesterday. I stopped at one of the conveniently placed liqueur stores right on the New Hampshire boarder and picked up a bottle of Bailey's. When I got to the house the kids were asleep but had set up Leprechaun traps outside their bedroom doors trying to lure them in with gold paper.

I woke up this morning to C and a Nerf gun. He was shooting it into the air right above my head and letting the foam bullets fall on me thereby shooting me without actually shooting. Smart little bugger. When the oldest woke up we talked for a bit about what St Patrick's Day actually is (ie: not just a day of crazy drinking and shamrocks). In America it's become a day for Irish pride and in the northeast 90% of us are Irish (or pretend to be) so it can get a little nuts. For our part we're going to the grocery to get St Patrick's Day dinner and some supplies to make Irish Soda Bread. The Dropkick Murphy's are playing in Boston so we may have to crank some tunes in homage.

Enjoy your corned beef and cabbage.


  1. This St. Patrick's day I'll be wearing red, not drinking/looking at/acknowledging anything that is green, and NOT listening to the dropkick murphys or the pogues or Flogging Molly or aaaaany of those other bands people listen to on St. Patrick's day. I do have a nip of Jameson, a nip of Jim beam, and a nip of Jack Daniel's that I will be drinking one after the other after the other. BUT THAT'S IT!

    It's really refreshing to not be in New England for St. Patrick's day. That said, I hope you have a wonderful time. Ha, I feel like Scrooge "you keep St. paddy's day in your way, and i'll keep it in mine!"

  2. Good call! The northeast is crazy. Kind of like Massachusetts having Bunker Hill Day:)


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