March 20, 2012

Rabbit Sitting

"I long, as does every human being, to be at home 
wherever I find myself."
-Maya Angelou

This week I am rabbit sitting for two small fluffers. A friend of mine has a small (HUGE) obsession with animals and manages to keep two dogs and two rabbits in her apartment. This week is Spring Break and she didn't want to haul the buns back and forth so I get a stove and cable for the week, which is pretty nice.
The Bunny Palace! (It's bigger than my normal living space)

So I got into town on Sunday afternoon after my weekend in New Hampshire. I'd taken yesterday off (I was going to get a tattoo but couldn't decide on a location) and I did nothing all day. I'm talking no shower, PJs, TV on from sun up to sun down. It was pathetic and I'm feeling very wasteful today, but it was kind of fun to catch up on Criminal Minds, Law & Order, and all those other shows I don't love enough to find on Hulu.

The best part of house sitting for me is stove access. I got to cook! On my way into town on Sunday I stopped off at the grocery and bought some fresh veggies, pasta, hot sausage, heavy cream, and a basil plant (It was cheaper than the dried basil). I was thinking about fish for tonight and a cesar salad. I love to cook and being without a kitchen has been hard for me this past year.

So the upside of rabbit sitting is having a kitchen, the downside is being sucked in by the TV and staying up much too late. That happened to me normally, but I don't always have a comfy futon to veg out on.

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