March 26, 2012

Needs & Wants

For the first time in a long time I have a few bucks in savings. That's right, not just extra money but money that's been around long enough to get transferred into my savings account, which normally has no more than a $7 balance. I see this as a good omen for the summer months when that mula will come in handy for things like food and... food. Yeah, all I'm really concerned about at this point is food, now that my housing is taken care of, but I have been thinking lately about other potential needs, like shorts.

I'm more of a jeans type of girl, shorts were never my thing, which is why I can signal airplanes with my brilliantly white legs. For the past few years I've been working jobs that even in the heat of summer are more comfortable in long pants. After downsizing to the car I got rid of any shorts I might have had in reserve but, now that I'm nipping at the heels of New Orleans, I need to look at the bigger picture: Stick with the clothes I have and suffer inevitable heat stroke or drop a few bucks and get myself some summer garb.

So I've been thinking about these potential needs, like shorts, but, per usual, things I "need" and things I "really really want to have" seem to end up in the same basket. Today I found this awesome battery charger at Walmart for six bucks and change. Instead of charging in a wall outlet it has a USB port, so it plugs into my laptop. This is sweet because when I get to NOLA I'll probably be using the cafe WIFI and they hate a ton of things being plugged into their walls. I also found that it's compatible with my Kindle's wall adapter, so I can charge batteries sans laptop when needed. It's really cool and will mean that I can keep posting pictures for you lovely folks and maintain a decent account of my first few months in NOLA, which will be worth it later.

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