March 14, 2012

6 Years of March

One of the cool things about keeping a journal and running calendar is that I get to go back to it periodically and see where I was a few months or a few years ago.

In 2007 I'm managing a cafe in New Hampshire. This week I had drinks with my friend Gretchen on Monday night, I would have had a conference call this morning, and tomorrow I'd have met my mother at the 99 for drinks and those long skinny cigarettes.
  • Upcoming
    • Next week we will run out of 2% milk (oh no!)
    • In four weeks I'll give my notice and move to Oregon
In 2008 I'm a purchasing assistant and today would be like any other weekday pushing paperwork.
  • Upcoming
    • I'll be moving to a new apartment on the first
    • In less than a month my mother has an brain aneurysm while driving and crashes. She'll be in a coma for four months and my calendar will be somewhat neglected
In 2009 I'm  working as an in home caregiver. Tuesday through Friday I drive my mother to class at 8:15am but since the 15th is a Sunday, I've now been living at my client's for almost 48 hours and, according to my journal for that date, I'm about to smother her with her orthopedic socks.
  • Upcoming
    • Last month I gave my mother a stray cat I found lurking around my boarding house and this week I'll be taking him to the vet for shots. The free cat will cost me $300.
    • At the end of this month I'll leave the boarding house and May 5th I'll move to Massachusetts to work on a farm.
In 2010 I'm still working at the farm. I got paid on the 12th, $196 of my monthly  $392, so I'm probably feeling pretty flush, I might even get some micro brews and a pack of cigarettes. I just got a job in Northern Vermont teaching carpentry.
  • Upcoming
    • I have bee class this week for my certification
    • Lambs to slaughter next week and CPR training the week after
    • During my month in the woods I will quite smoking
In 2011 I'm on my second semester back at college. My car is breaking down constantly and I've been sleeping in the Big Y parking lot during the week to make sure I get to school and work. It's also Spring Break.
  • Upcoming
    • I'm house sitting for California Clare next week
    • In the next two weeks I will move everything out of my apartment and begin full time vehicle dwelling. 
And now it's 2012 and I'm about to graduate. I'm also coming up on my one year vehicle dwelling anniversary. Next week is Spring Break, April is Easter in New Hampshire and in two months I move to Louisiana to start a new job.

What a difference six years makes.


  1. Is your mother better now? Hope so...the lasting effects of an aneurysm! Keep the blog going, or I'll miss you!

    1. She's much better, never 100% but she's tough and is learning to adjust:)


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