May 27, 2011

Car Window Screens. Why Not?

Apparently Europe has HUGE flies

What is the state bird of New Hampshire? Anyone? It’s the mosquito and, even though NH normally calls dibsies on this Satan of the skies, I think most of New England could fight them for it. These were the thoughts running through my head this morning, after I killed the areal interlopers and closed my car windows. By the time I woke up again it was hot and humid and I started planning my next project: car window screens.

With all the wet weather lately, I can only see this problem getting worse, so I've been cruising the net. I’ve read about some creative solutions, like magnets and a "window glove", but I'll have to check out Home Depot for inspiration. If anyone has ideas, feel free to share. 


  1. I used to use those adjustable/collapsable/sliding screen thingies, available just about anywhere, in my van. This one is louvred instead of screened. but you get the idea. They still cost right around $5.00 at Lowe's or Home Depot.

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  2. Cyndi, that sounds like it could be pretty perfect. I'll have to see if we have them around here. Thanks!

  3. Good Mornin` Ashley !

    I think the best thing to do is buy dark screening and cut about two inches larger than window opening. Then buy small magnets and glue on screen and use when parked. How`s that idea ?

  4. Wolf, I was thinking about that (mainly because I could buy one for $30 or make it for 15ish). I went to HD last night to scout, but am worried that the magnets will not stick to the screen. What do you think: Hot glue? Some sort of a trim?

  5. Checkout this blog for some ideas and then fit for your need.



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