May 21, 2011

Food Storage

There are pros and cons to not have a means of chilling food.  A pro is that every night I get to choose what I want for dinner, not from leftovers in the fridge, but from a slew of grocery stores and restaurants (tonight is salad with kalemata olives). A con is that I can’t buy food when it’s on sale and a part of each day has to be spent picking out meals.

I had this cooler that I’ve been keeping some essentials in (peanut butter, honey, the extra half block of cheese). Today I picked up two ice packs, one to keep in the cooler and one to freeze while I’m at work. That way I can rotate them daily. I also got this hanging basket to keep some grab and go fruit. This way I can get enough for a few days and not worry about where in my car that apple ended up… My biggest problem now will be keeping the car cool enough during the day not to cook my groceries.

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