May 31, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

How many times have you heard “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? It may be the most important but it’s also the most difficult for me. Think breakfast foods: Eggs? No way to cook them. Cereal? Can’t store milk. Instant Carnation Shakes? Those get old fast. I can have bagels (untoasted) with peanut butter, but I’ve got to have that each day for five days or the bagels mold.

Always on the lookout for nonperishable, lightweight, and above all cheap alternatives I have discovered individual oatmeal packets. They come in lots of flavors, can be shoved in a backpack, and could outlast me if I let them. On these warm (muggy, blah) days, I throw a water bottle on the car roof and every morning I have warm if not hot water. The best part? At about $4 for 10 packets, that’s less than 50 cents a meal!


  1. Good mornin` ! There are plenty of small 12 volt things you can use to heat up your water for oatmeal, coffee, tea, soup, or whatever ! Checkout this site and give me your thoughts. Have a great day !


  2. I have a 12 volt cooler/warmer micro fridge. It easilly holds a 6 pack or a couple of sandwiches. It has a rechargeable battery so it doesn't need to be a constant drain on your battery. It is an all around lifesaver on those hotter days when you buy a few "cokes" and by the time you finish the first the rest of the sixpack is P*sswarm.

    Peace be the journey not the destination,

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  4. Because I work during the day I have access to a microwave. I love canned chili, sardines, bread and cheese... Having two grocery stores right down the street is kind of like have two HUGE pantries that I can wander into after work for a snack. There's also a place that makes Stromboli!

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  6. Matt, I'm speechless at the awesomeness that is the Pizzazz. I am the infomercial queen and I don't know how I missed this! Thanks for making my day

    The Tuckerbag

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  8. Quaker also makes instant grits in the individual packets if you feel like switching grains. They come in more savory flavors that the oatmeal (like bacon!)

    Keep on keepin on,


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