May 8, 2011


For weeks now I have been happily incognito camping in the grocery store parking lot down the street from my college. The worked really well for me: food close by, well lit but quiet, you know? Well at 1am on Friday morning there came a tapping at my window. So I, all groggy style, roll over, pull back the shade, and am greeted by he popo shining a flash light into my eyes.

The copper was actually super nice, not my usual experience with his coworkers.  He said he was just checking to make sure I was ok and that I had a “sweet set up”. I told him it was finals week and he let it go at that, but getting caught twice might change his mind. A $500 dollar fine for vagrancy in this town!

Anyway, boys and girls, this is the trouble with urban camping on a cold night. There will be condensation because you can only roll down the window so far without being miserable. I’ll be purchasing a parking permit for campus on Monday…

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