May 16, 2011

The Soggy Violin

I got a violin years ago, a product of my nesting instinct during a brief bought with permanent residency. For six years I have been hauling it around strapped to backpacks and, most recently, on my roof rack. Last night I broke down and accepted the fact that I will never actually learn how to play this thing, so I posted it on Criagslist. I said it was free to any child who wanted to learn violin and a very nice father picked it up within an hour for his son. A chapter ended and one less “thing” to keep track of!

Ms. Marple (the coolest lady EVER)
It has been raining for days now and, while it may be washing the pollen away, I am feeling awfully soggy. If I was in my little apartment I would bake some bread and watch Spies Like Us, with Chevy Chase. Instead I will have to settle for a hot cup of tea in the student lounge and some Ms. Marple episodes on YouTube.

The trunk is not leaking but there is no way to roll my windows down enough to prevent condensation without getting thoroughly soaked. Luckily, with all the college students gone for the summer, the popo don’t seem to be paying too much attention. On top of this, the check engine light has come on but amazingly the car still runs, which means that ignition coil is holding up! This luck can’t last forever though, and it may be time for me to stop procrastinating/being cheap, and buy a parking space. I’ve only been talking about it for a month…

On another bit of weather related news, the bike that I ordered last week has been delayed in arriving until this coming Sunday. WTF Walmart!

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  1. Great Blog! trying to catch up to you in Google Reader, so this has probably already been addressed in a future post. I used "rain guards" on my van windows.... those molded plastic strips that tape to the car window. This would let me roll both windows down a couple inches and the rain wouldn't get in.

    Awesome blog!



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