May 22, 2011

So there was this Priest and a bike...

What a day! First, my bike arrived (finally). I don’t have a bike rack on the car, so I stuck it half in the truck and tied it to the back of the front seat. I spent the morning rediscovering muscles I haven’t heard from in ten years.
Dune rip off, but classic awesomeness

When I was totally and completely exhausted, I thought I’d go see a movie (the first showing of the day is always $5). I would have biked downtown, but it looked like it would rain (again) so I chained the bike to a lamp post and headed out. I stopped to have tea with my favorite tent dweller on the way. She still won’t tell me her name, but says the puppies are so big she had to put up a taller barrier to keep them in the tent.

It was a toss up between the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Priest” (don’t judge). Priest was on earlier so I saw that. Can someone explain why Kevin Costner gets to have an American accent while playing Robin Hood but Paul Bettany has to hide his beautiful British drawl for an unrealistic apocalypse/vampire film? Lots of action, well filmed, and decent acting, but I’m not sure why they would settle on futuristic vampires over something else. Tremors! Now that was an awesome film. Show me Paul Bettany chasing giant earth worms through a futuristic wasteland and I’ll be the first in line.

Anyway, lots of homework to do. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend of relative sunshine.


  1. Just a little bit of advice: get yourself a good U-lock to lock your bike... we learned that the hard way. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Oh yeah .... PRIEST was awesome !!! Totally enjoyed that myself. Was going to see Pirates of the Car (with a bee in it). LOL ... just a little of my dry humor .... but changed my mind. See ya ! Be safe !

  3. Where did you get your bike delivered to?

  4. Glori, the bike was delivered site to store so right to walmart. I do have a PO box they could have sent it to, but I wanted Walmart to put it together:)


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