May 17, 2011

The Real Value of $1.50

Another night of rain and as I lay in bed, listening to the drops bounce off my tarp, I wondered what I would do if the summer goes the way of 2009. That year it rained every other day, and everything was drenched until early fall.This being mid May we should be having sunshine and rainbows, so nonstop downpours are not a good omen.

Only the ducks like the weather
I bought a new umbrella; sprang for the bigger one because (catch this!) the college bus is CHARGING now that the school year is “over.” While the colleges are in session you can show your school ID and ride for free but, apparently, employees and summer students don’t count, so when I got on the bus they asked for $1.50! That’s a coffee! Or two muffins! Or twelve pieces of bubble gum! (Or six rides on the mechanical horse at Market Basket, if you want to go that route). I only “live” a mile down the street so I walked and, thanks to my brand new, big blue, brand new blue umbrella, I stayed relatively dry.I will say, however, that my boots were not made for walking. I'm looking forward to getting my bike.

Speaking of short term hoofing, I emailed the parking department yesterday just to make sure they'd be cool with me living in the Jetta in the school lot. I reminded them that there didn't seem to be anything on the books about not doing it but figured I'd ask just in case (and to get it in writing). While urban camping on school grounds may not be against any rule, no one wants to put their name to it, so I have been transferred all around the university from maintenance to grounds keeping.  Now I'm on to department heads, which should be interesting. Worse comes to worse I can live down the road and bike to school each day. I'll just have to be a bit more incognito.


  1. That's ridiculous that they are charging students to ride the bus. How inconsiderate towards summer students. We utilize public transportation as well, and a bike makes a world of difference. It is awesome. Good luck on the campus parking maybe we will give it a shot too.

  2. That's weird, charging when it's the summer break to take a bus, i mean, like HUH? Public transportations are supposed to be encouraged; furthermore, what are they talking about going green and all that?

    By the way, thanks for visiting my blog, glad you liked it:)

  3. You will never get an answer unless it is no. you should not even ask. They are drafting a change to the policy to exclude students from living in car, at the moment.


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