May 19, 2011

Semi Permanent Residency And, Maybe, Montana

I woke up on this rainy morning feeling rested having spent the night in my new spot. Well lit, police patrolled, but no one around and it was great not to wake up to a slamming car door or a bus announcement. This is also the first day in weeks that I haven’t had to move my car by 7am, so it was nice not to even start her up. I grabbed my duffel bag of toiletries and headed to the gym for a shower.

I have a lawn and everything!
Someone even mows it for me.
Semester grades are in and my GPA dropped from a 3.72 to a 3.57 with five A’s and Three B’s. I was expecting much worse so I’ll take it and this means the state will keep paying my tuition, so that’s a plus. I also submitted my first summer class homework last night so I'm in full swing again.

So... In order to make that instant coffee from yesterday strong enough I put multiple packets into each cup... Hind sight is 20/20. I must have had a delayed reaction to the extreme caffeine because I was bouncing off the walls last night. I'm not sure if I can finish the last few packets but I've been looking into Melittas. I've also been looking into a possible cross country train trip to see the little sis in Montana. I would totally take the go-go gadget red car, but the only thing worse than her dying in Mass is her dying in Ohio, North Dakota, etc. About $420 round trip to go by train at the end of August. Lots of time to read, write and muck about and I'll have a few days to see her. She'll be living in a tent at that point but, after three days on a train in coach, it will be heaven. Now to make some money...


  1. Hi, Nicole. I'm a new visitor to your site, and have had fun reading some back issues.

    I think the train is a great option for long distance trips; less cost, less risky and lower maintenance than a road trip,a welcome scenery change and some calm downtime.

    I've used the train to visit my sister, to attend my car club meets, etc., and always enjoy it.

    Bob (aka stude53)

  2. Bob, the down time alone is worth the extra travel time for me. I bring a bag of books, put my feet up, and chill out for a few days while someone else does the driving. The only problem I have with trains is the almost guaranteed delays along the route. One delay might put me six hours behind schedule.

  3. Delays can, no matter the type of transportion you use. At least you can generally stay on the train, with creature comforts like food and reclining seats, books, and nearby restrooms.

  4. While visiting your sister is an enjoyable thing to do. You are on the edge and need to save that train fare for a bigger a van, or something bigger and more reliable like a Volvo 240 wagon.


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