May 29, 2011

Making Screens

Yes, it really is finished
 I slept REALLY well last night, waking up only once when I rolled over and whacked my knee on the door. What changed, you might ask? I spent yesterday making bug screens for my car windows.

The whole time I was making these I was thinking that someone with a bit more creative genius (and a sewing machine) could really make them look great. Adapt as necessary.

  • Roll of screening (about $5 at Home Depot
  • 20 pack of small circular magnets ($5 at Walmart)
  • Glue (I got Elmer’s can-stick-a-rock-to-the-wall glue)

  1. Cut a piece of screen to just larger than the window.
  2. Glue magnets round the edges two to three inches apart
  3. Let it dry… and you’re done!
Some cheepo supplies
Tips and Thoughts:
  • Make sure the glue is totally dry before you stick this on your car or you’ll have permanent screening and/or paint loss. 
  • I was going to use magnetic strips but decided that the screen would be harder to fold up and store.

Easy, right? The whole thing cost about $12 and twenty minutes, much better than the $35 screens I was looking at (plus shipping). Yes, when people ask I may tell them my six year old nephew made these, but they are functional and can be removed and stored easily. I have a ton of extra screen, so I’ll probably try to make something prettier when I have some free time. Enjoy my childlike (but totally practical!) art project.


  1. This might work a little better in aesthetics and functionality.

  2. your awesome Ash :) Miss and love you

  3. I think I am going to the same thing for my van door awesome idea

  4. WOW! Your *cough* nephew *cough* is very creative. I don't see a future in interior design, though!

    Function is everything, in my book! Nicely done!

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  5. nice job and they can be rolled/folded for easy storage. necessity is the mother of invention. I see peaceful bug free nights ahead. Just remember to tuck before you roll. LOL... Peace be the journey not the destination.
    Michael (@wonderwanderr)

  6. I did the same thing in my van for last summer, but have it on the inside. Works wonders!

  7. J.C. Whitney had some years back with black nylon screen and a border of magnetic strip that was double sewed to the screening I bought them for the door windows and, with pockets, for the bottom-opening windows on rear doors. I've been using them a dozen years or so. They roll to store in a cardboard tube they came in. Alas, I haven't seen any available for years now at any price anywhere.

    Vern M
    Kokopeli Follower

  8. great idea. I was wondering how to do a screen for my windows.


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