May 23, 2011

Return of the Popo

Even my best efforts to stay legal and out of trouble don’t stop the popo from hassling the weird chick in the Jetta. This time it was at 5am instead of 2 or 3, but there were two cops (which was a bit more intimidating). I turned the car around so that the permit was more visible to patrols, but apparently the act of turning my vehicle was “suspicious” and warranted a “wellness check”. 
It was early, I was groggy, and I did something I’ve never done before. When they asked me if I was living in the car, I told them yes. I know! First rule of urban camping: deny everything! My stock answers? “I was drinking and didn’t think I should drive home”, “I was falling asleep and though I should pull over and rest”, and “I got locked out of my apartment.” All three have worked very well in the past, but I told them the truth… Surprisingly they both started covering themselves, fast. They explained what had led them to check, why they were worried, and told me to be careful. They even wished me a pleasant day as they were turning around to leave. Maybe because they are in a college town they’ve seen everything, but I think they both walked away shaking their heads and thinking “crazy kids!”

So, despite the aggravation of being woken from a deep sleep by suspicious flashlight toting cops, it wasn’t too bad.  Hopefully they’ll remember me and not wake me up tomorrow.

By the way, those muscles I discovered yesterday are on strike.


  1. You are not stealthy. Try window tint and black out curtains, and getting rid of the messy thing on your roof.


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